Membership with CoPros

We want the go-getters & goal-setters, the dream-biggers & high-fivers!

Benefits of Membership


Industry Exclusive Teams

We build industry exclusive teams that focus on recruiting quality professionals who love life and are passionate about what they do. Our teams are ideal for relationship building making it easy to develop long-lasting, professional connections that will produce referrals that are specific and profitable for you and your business. When you become a CoPros member you become a part of a loyal family who will be your extended sales force; we are way more than a networking group!

Fun Structured Meetings

Our meetings are positive, fun and full of great energy! Each meeting is led by a terrific leadership team who keeps things on track and on time so that we don’t waste your time. Every week you will hear from a different team member as they highlight their business or speak on a trending topic in their industry, and you will be able to take part in the Power Play which is an awesome time of discussion and masterminding focusing on personal and professional development.

Business Development is a High Priority

If you are looking for a professionals network that places a very high priority on exceptional business development then your search is over. Our Business Development Director, Phil Worthman, President of Worthman Consulting & the Sandler Training Center in Littleton, leads workshops and training sessions for our teams on a monthly basis. Our members find enormous value in his exceptional training and classes.

Free Personal and Professional Development Workshops

Personal and professional development is critical if we are to become authorities in our industries. Because of this, every month, we offer workshops on a variety of relevant topics in order to add value to our members and assist them in areas that may be a challenge for them.

Free Quarterly Lunch & Learns

Every quarter all of our members come together for our awesome Lunch & Learns! We provide a light lunch and bring in amazing speakers that speak on topics like Habits to Fight and Fuel Your Fire, How to Take Massive Action, Getting Rid of Head Trash, Busy Versus Productive, and Building Influence. The best part though is that these events are totally free for our members!

Build Meaningful Relationships

We are all about building meaningful relationships! CoPros members become like family, and we’re in it for the long haul. We are very careful with who we put on our teams and look for professionals who are humble, hungry, and smart. We want our members to be able to check their egos at the door and be self-motivated and driven. We also want them to have common sense about people and good judgment.

Member Contribution to our Blog

Do you enjoy writing and sharing your knowledge and experience with other people? If your answer is yes, then you will enjoy this perk of membership! For our members who are authorities in their industries, our blog is open to member contribution! We want to give our members an opportunity to shine while they share their passion with others!

Freedom to Visit Other Teams

We want you to meet as many new contacts as possible so we allow our members to visit the other teams in CoPros. Our members have even found ways to collaborate on projects or refer business to each other even though they are in the same industry. We are loyal, and highly focused on each other’s success!

Free Membership Directory

While some networking groups will charge you extra to be on the Membership Directory of their website, you won’t find that here! You will receive a free listing that will include your headshot, contact information, a full lenght bio, your website and social media links. This makes it easy for your team to refer you online when they’re on their various social media platforms!

Culture is Everything | T.E.A.M.



We believe teamwork is essential to our success that’s why building highly motivated teams that are aligned with our core values and beliefs is so important to us. Our members know that their commitment to each other and to the common goal of personal and professional success allows for amazing growth so we concentrate on those things that enable a team to succeed. Things like great leadership, good communication, member contribution, development of team goals, organization and structure, and most of all, FUN!


Energy is contagious. The right kind of energy is needed to have a to have a successful team so our members are committed to maintaining a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Good energy creates a supportive and encouraging vibe which translates into our teams being more productive and successful. Positive energy inspires and motivates, and it expands our ability to think and create. It allows us to dream bigger and build higher by stirring us to push through difficult obstacles and challenges and it doesn’t let us rest until we do.


Authenticity. If there is a heart to CoPros this is it. Being genuine and self-aware is essential to building strong, long-lasting business relationships, and it will elevate your business above the competition. We believe that when you are an authentic person you have substance and can easily engage with your team and the referrals they send you in a trustworthy way. Authentic people are real people. They are reliable and honest, and like a magnet, they attract like-minded professionals.


It has been said that our success cannot exceed the level of our personal and professional growth. If we are to become authorities in our fields we must continue to educate ourselves until we master our passions and professions. While this is not always easy because of time constraints or a general lack of energy, we must make a great effort to become the expert that our teammates need us to be. Our knowledge and expertise combined with genuineness and passion will give us the advantage over our competitors every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in learning more about CoPros we recommend you attend one of our fantastic meetings. Just click the ‘RSVP’ button at the top of the team page or contact us directly.
All of our team meetings are fun and relaxed, and you can expect to be welcomed by the leadership team when you arrive. They will introduce you to the other team members and explain the flow of the meeting. You will have an opportunity to introduce yourself and your business, as well as pass your business cards around to all of the members of that team.
The meetings are 90 minutes or less and our members are expected to arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting.
If you are interested in membership you can talk to the membership committee of that team about the application process, they will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
Our annual membership fee is only $695.00 with no monthly dues. We also have incentives in place once you are a member that will help in reducing your renewal fee the following year. The more you contribute to CoPros, the lower your renewal fee will be.
CoPros members cannot be a member of another industry exclusive networking group because there is simply no way to fairly divide referrals between the groups.
We do not have referral quotas but we do have a tracking system for attendance, one-to-one’s, closed business, referrals given and referrals received. We want the referrals we give to be organic in nature and not forced; we want it to be the natural result of engaging with your team and building solid relationships.
Yes, we only accept applications from professionals who are working the industry classification they are applying for full-time.
You can have three unexcused absences per quarter, however, we love it when you can find a sub and receive an excused absence.
You can visit a CoPros team meeting two times as a guest. It can either be the same team meeting or it can be two different teams.
Yes, our team meetings are weekly, however, some of our teams go on a summer break for June, July, and August and their meetings go to every other week. Use the contact form to inquire about days and times for that team.
We have found that MLM’s do not do well in CoPros so typically we do not encourage them to join. However, this decision is made by the individual teams. If you have a product that pairs well with B2B, and this is your full-time business please feel free to contact us.