‘It’s not about killing the butterflies, it’s about getting them to fly in formation.” Jay Mays

What a great event we had on Tuesday! Our quarterly Lunch & Learn was a raving success thanks to the lighthearted and engaging style of Jay Mays with Pitch Lab. With the number one fear of most being the fear of public speaking Jay’s presentation on Being a More Engaging Speaker Using Stand Up Comedy spoke to everyone in the room. By revealing the techniques used by some of the most highly regarded comedians in the business and through the fun and interactive “Comedy Karaoke” he taught us how to command a room and make a solid connection with whoever we’re speaking to. 

Jay had our full attention for the next hour as he drilled down on difficult topics like how to turn your fear into confidence, dealing with umms and ahhs, mastering the dramatic pause, mirroring tone and body language to build empathy and not starting your presentation until you ‘have the room’. He also spoke on the value of just being yourself and how authenticity and vulnerability can build trust and credibility.

“YOU are the differentiator!” Jay Mays

As small business owners we are always looking for ways to communicate our message in a more engaging and clear way whether we are speaking to a room full of professionals or simply having a one-to-one with someone new – we want our time with them to be memorable. Jay taught us how to do just that – be memorable by setting ourselves apart from the rest. His presentation was fantastic!

About Jay Mays…

Jay is a 20-year sales veteran and stand-up comedy producer. He has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment including, Viacom, Soho House, and Live Nation. As co-founder of Pitch Lab, he combines the worlds of comedy and sales to help you be a more confident and engaging presenter.

Check out their website to register for one of their many workshops. You won’t regret it!

What CoPros members are saying…

“Jay provides great insight into public speaking and presenting with a very interactive and lighthearted approach that’s fun to listen to.”
Darin Zier
Agency Principal/Owner at Darin Zier – Farmers Insurance

“TODAY was awesome!”
Lance & Janet Hooks
The Hooks Group with Keller Williams

“Jay Mays is an outstanding business entrepreneur and presenter.  If you are looking to both understand and be understood in a professional setting, need to better deliver your value through personal presence, body language and vocal tone, or simply learn how to have command of your meetings – reach out to Jay!  Give him a call directly or attend an upcoming workshop to learn more!”
Philip Worthman
President at Worthman Consulting LLC.

“What a great presentation today, so many fantastic takeaways about public speaking! We love how he incorporated comedy into speaking and self-confidence, we can’t wait to try it on our next sales pitch.  Thanks, Jay!”
Zach Erfurdt and Sammi Bush
Owners of ErfTech & Baked5280

“I really enjoyed the presentation by Jay. Channeling my fear of speaking to create excitement was a really great idea that I can use!”
Kathryn McPherson
Owner of Tax by Kathryn